Do you need a safe way to carry your
Cell Phone?

No pockets, no problem!

Carry your cell phone securely with Vockets!

Vest, cross body, scarf, panty and boot Vockets provide a discreet way for you to carry your phone when you don’t have pockets!

Vockets for every need

A Vocket is a wearable pocket designed for woman so they have a way to carry their cell phones or medical devices wherever they go.

Hidden Pockets



Our Mission

Our mission is to find ways to make women’s lives easier.  Providing discreet ways for women to wear their phones is just the beginning.  Our cell phones protect us, keep us connected and empower us!!

Vockets hidden pockets offer “Peace of Mind” and safety as well as a place to carry critical medical devices.

Designed to Be Discreet

Vockets are carefully designed to be as discreet as possible.  The Vest Vocket fits above the waist at your sides so while wearing a cardigan or jacket the Vocket remains hidden. The Belt and Cross Body Vockets are super sleek, lightweight and less bulky than fanny packs.  The Tank Top, Panties, Garter, Sports Belt, Scarf and Boot Cuffs all have hidden pockets so you have a choice of how to wear your cell phone depending on the outfit you have on each day.

Customer Reviews

I just picked up my packages, and was delighted to discover…my new Vockets collection!  Yay!  Thank you for expeditiously shipping them to me, and thank you so much for the gift – I love it!  I discovered and purchased a white Vockets Tank Top on Amazon and was impressed, so I wanted to find out what else might be available in the Vockets brand.  I did an online search, and voila!  I found your Vockets LLC site.  Yipee! 

Melanie, here’s to your upcoming great success.  The company you created has the wonderful opportunity to improve lives.  You will be able to make life easier for women around the Globe.  I am looking forward to many years of future Vockets products!  Go Girl!

~ Ellie Y

I had an important business meeting and wanted to look professional, but I didn’t want to miss a call I was expecting from my son’s doctor. The Vest Vocket was the perfect way to carry my cell phone on silent. No one could see it under my blazer and I barely knew I was wearing it. I was so relieved that I wouldn’t miss the call!
~ Ashley J

Sleeveless top with pockets
Wearing a Vest Vocket



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