Five tips to help make your day more productive

I am such a creature of habit.  Once I get in a good routine, I can stick with it.  It’s is just forming initial habits that takes a little while.  They say if you can stick to something for 21 days it becomes an easier habit.  After researching a wide variety of blogs on being more productive here are my top suggestions.  How your day starts determines how the rest of your day will go. 

Creating habits with these suggestions can help prevent anxiety, give your to-do-list a boost and help you on the road to your goals.

  • Start the day with some quiet time. “Self-care” is so important for women; we dedicate so much of our time to others.  So, start the day with some quiet time.  Time just for you – set the alarm a little earlier if you must just so you can fit this time in.  It is important for our well-being.  I like to start my quiet time with a walk outside – living in North Carolina affords me that luxury most of the year.  I don’t listen to anything on my phone – I just listen to nature and watch the world awaken.  I love how peaceful it is and I do my best thinking then.  If the previous day created a problem – I get it solved by the end of my walk – or at least come up with a plan to fix things.  Your time might start with a cup of coffee while the house is quiet and peaceful – whatever is your idea of quiet time – plan it and do it – everyday.
  • Make your bed – it seems simple enough – but if my bedroom is tidy and my bed is made – it starts the day on such a good note. It signals the end of night and beginning of a new day and with this one task behind me I feel I I have started being productive.  It’s also difficult to focus on other tasks when I’m in a messy environment.
  • Get dressed – I work from home so it is very easy to never change out of my exercise clothes from my early morning walk. When I do put something nicer on, I feel good and more confident, it improves my mood and productivity.
  • Eat breakfast – it doesn’t have to be big – it can even be something as simple as a smoothie or healthy shake in the morning. It really does improve your concentration and gets your day off to a great start.  It always gives me energy and if there is protein in it, I stay full longer.
  • Drink more water – I am always amazed at how much water I can drink when the glass/bottle is sitting beside me.  It is just something to do while waiting for your computer to reboot – a file to download or are on a long call or conference call.

Bonus Tip – layer on a Vocket with your outfit.  Our selection of wearable pockets will save you time looking for your phone throughout the day.  You’ll be far more productive when you are “wearing your cell phone”.