Caroline Fairchild of Linked-in was featured on CBS this morning 3/3/20 talking about a very important topic “Motherhood & The Workforce”. She discussed the challenges women face in the workplace and having children. It is a difficult juggling act to manage working and being a mother. Women feel uncomfortable talking about their children and their responsibilities as a parent at work for fear it will make them appear less dedicated to their jobs. Caroline mentions there is a new trend on LinkedIn called #secretparenting and it is the idea that women don’t feel they can’t talk about their kids for fear it will impact their career. She also mentioned that we have smartphones in our pockets to keep us connected to the workplace – but that isn’t completely true. More often than not we don’t have a pocket to securely hold our cell phone. Vockets is an entire line of discreet wearable pockets so that women finally have a place to securely hold their phones. Now women can wear their phones and if their child, their child’s school or a doctor’s office is trying to reach her she’ll feel that vibration and know to check it, so she is always reachable. Vockets – just one solution to help support Motherhood and The Workplace. We fully support #parentoutloud. It’s about transparency and feeling like you can talk about your life as a parent at work.

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