Travel Hacks for Women  

My favorite travel hacks – safe traveling!

  • Get a light Suitcase – The less a case weights the more stuff you can take with you. Weight restrictions on airlines can limit how much you pack – going lighter can make all the difference.
  • Wine Bags – for your shoes. If you are worried your shoes might not be super clean as you pack your clothes for a trip – put them into the soft-sided wine bags you’ve been collecting – because we never remember to bring them with us when we buy more wine.  Also, your shoes can hold things like socks, lingerie, etc.  Make every inch count
  • Put your Curling Iron or Hair Straightener in Oven Mitts. When you are packing up ready for a trip – doing your hair is one of the last things you do.  When your iron is still hot, you can pack it away in a silicone oven mitt.  It will also be a handy surface that the straighteners can rest on in the hotel.
  • Put glass bottles or perfume into socks. It gives them extra protection.  There is nothing worse than a broken perfume bottle when you are traveling
  • Pack a fabric softener sheet. Just throw one inside your luggage to keep your bag and your clothes smelling fresh.  They are also super handy to rub on the inside of clothing to prevent static cling
  • “press n seal” to store your jewelry so it doesn’t get knotted and tangled. Just lay out a sheet of Glad ‘Press ‘n Seal’ – lay your jewelry on it – then place another sheet on top.  It seals your jewelry so it can’t tangle.
  • Jewelry – a great way to organize smaller jewelry and earrings is to put them in pill containers. There are quite a variety on the market today and they are great organizers
  • Put Specialty creams into Contact Lens Cases – the lids screw on and you just need to take enough for your visit – instead of worrying that you’ve exceeded the ounce bottle size for a carry on
  • Shower Caps – another way to keep your shoes clean in your luggage – they often have them free in hotel rooms and they are great for wrapping around shoes before you put them in your luggage
  • Vockets – the best way to keep you and your cell phone safe while traveling. They are lightweight and discreet.  They make finding your boarding pass easier and there is less risk of dropping or losing your cell phone.  They also allow you the freedom of being hands-free.  Just put a credit card holder on the back of your cell phone and you have all you need for a day out exploring the sights.