My Story


Melanie Verdi

I’ve been both a mom and a career woman for over 30 years. As a business woman I wished I could keep my cell phone with me during sales meetings but at times it wasn’t appropriate or professional.  I wanted to keep in touch with my children at all times but I never had clothing with pockets that could hold my cell phone discreetly.  I wanted to start a business that would provide women with pockets so they would always have a place to hold a cell phone.

While designing a cell phone solution for women in business, I discovered that all of my (daughters, step-daughters and daughters-in-law – 6 of them in total) had different needs for carrying their cell phones.   All women suffer from limited pocket issues!!  My girls age in range from teens to young working mothers.  Each of them had a different way they wanted to carry their cell phone and their input is what helped me grow this line to what it is today.  Their help has been and continues to be invaluable to me.  Our aim is to create a line that is diverse and flexible for all ages and needs.  We all love our style – it is as individual as we are.  None of us want to compromise our wardrobes or buy new ones just to accommodate our cell phones.  What I love most about this collection is that no matter which style you are drawn to, it can blend beautifully with clothing you already own!

I welcome you to tour our website to see the  entire collection of items that can discreetly help you carry your cell phone.  I hope to help women stay connected in a much easier way.  In “The Daily Vocket” section I hope you will find helpful tips for women’s busy lives.  My true goal in life is to help inspire, encourage and empower other women and keep them connected to the people who matter the most to them.


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