Our Mission


Our mission is to find ways to make women’s lives easier.  Providing discreet ways for women to wear their phones is the beginning.  Our cell phones help and protect us, keep us connected and empower us!!  

If only we had more pockets!

We rarely have pockets and when we do they are often two inches deep or sewn shut to preserve the style and look of the garment.

The time has come for women to have an easy to use and convenient way to carry our cell phones just like men have always had. We aren’t about to compromise our fashion style for a lot of pockets.

Vockets provides a discreet way to carry your phone at the office, at home or when your are headed out for the evening.  No more losing your cell phone in your own home or dropping it or letting that phone bulge ruin your style!   We’ve create discreet solutions.

Peace of Mind

There is a comfort that comes from knowing your phone is always with you – even in your own home.


  • It provides a level of protection during emergencies
  • It’s a great source of information when you have to look things up
  • It helps you get to those play dates with ease
  • You’ve always got your phone camera with you for those photo opps
  • It keeps your hands-free to hold those precious little ones
  • Hands-free cell phone solutions with Vockets

Daughters and Safety

Young women, low-income women and some minorities are disproportionately victims of domestic violence and rape.

Protect your Cell phone from loss and damage

No more lost phones, with our convenient lightweight wearable pockets, women and their cell phone are protected!

Within one year, roughly 30 percent of iPhones will suffer accidental damage. This number concerns us because this reduces your safety as well.
Having nearly a third of phones genuinely damaged each year tells us that these phones are fragile and easily broken

Medical Emergencies

The Vocket allows you to carry important medical devices as well as your iPhone.

  • Epi Pens
  • Insulin Pumps
  • Medical Alert System

Your iPhone allows you to set a Medical ID full of vital information about you.  Emergency responders can access this information without unlocking your phone – go to your Health app to set it up.

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