Taking selfies isn’t something I am used to doing so I researched this topic.  Here are the tips that I thought would be most helpful for you the next time someone asks you to take a selfie!  

  • I think everyone knows this tip but just in case – hold the camera above eye level and turn your face at a three-quarter angle
  • Follow the “Rule of Thirds” – place your face in a way so that your eyes line up about one-third of the way down from the top of the image. Likewise, don’t place your face in the center of the photo.  Please it roughly one third to the right or left.
  • Post a silly, humorous selfie occasionally, to lighten the mood. Chrissy Teigen’s account has some great examples
  • According to Jennifer Lopez – to get the best lighting – with your phone held high in front-facing camera mode – circle around until you find the best light before taking the photo
  • Extend your neck out to avoid looking like you have a double chin or no chin. Lift your chin slightly extending your neck out.  This accentuates your face and especially your jaw line.
  • Shoulder position can really make a big difference. Make sure that your shoulders are not hunched or at an unflattering angle.  Turning them slightly can help.
  • Most cell phones have two cameras: one in the back, and one in the front.  Many times, the back camera takes better resolution photos that the front camera.  You’ll have to turn your phone around and won’t be able to see your face – but take a few to make sure you are well positioned.
  • My research tells me that for filters the “Mayfair” filter gets the most likes, followed by “Rise”
    1. Mayfair is a warm filter that focuses on enhancing the contours and subtle highlights in a photograph. Avoid it if you have a lot of makeup on as it tends to end up “overdone”.
    2. Rise – helps smooth over little imperfections – it can also enhance the way makeup looks. Stay away from it if you are taking a selfie without any makeup as it can make faces look flat when there are no distinct color changes apparent
    3. X-Pro II – it brings out the warmth like Mayfair, except it darkens contours to give your face more definition. This can really have an impact on your photo.
  • Kim Kardashian’s favorite photo-editing app is Perfect365. Wearing a little extra blush won’t hurt either
  • Avoid shadows

Your cell phone is your camera.  Keep it with you safely with Vockets; a line of wearable pockets for women.  Safer than a back pocket and can be worn discreetly with any outfit.

Good Luck!

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